mod_rssindex for Apache httpd 1.3.x

mod_rssindex creates a non-recursive RSS 2.0 feed of the directory contained in the HTTP Request [try it].


  1. Apache httpd 1.3.x
  2. Daniel Velliard's libxml2.


  1. Verify that you have a late version of libxml2.
  2. Verify that 'apxs' is on your path (it should have installed with your Apache installation).
  3. Download mod_rssindex.tar.gz.
  4. Un-tar the file (i.e. tar -zxf mod_rssindex.tar.gz )
  5. enter the mod_rssindex directory (i.e. cd path/to/mod_rssindex)
  6. If your 'lib' and 'include' directories are NOT in '/usr/local', type 'make WITH_PREFIX=/PATH/TO/PREFIX all' otherwise type 'make all'
  7. Switch user (su) to a user with permission to write into '/path/to/apache/installation' (i.e. root)
  8. Type 'make install'
  9. Verify that the following items are in your 'httpd.conf' file:
    1. LoadModule xobjex_module libexec/apache/
    2. AddModule mod_rssindex.c
    3. <IfModule mod_rssindex.c>
      <FilesMatch "index.rss">
      SetHandler rssindex-handler
  10. Restart your Apache httpd. You may also 'make reload'.

If you have trouble check here. You may also email Be warned, however, that if your domain has SPAM emanating from it on a regular basis, your mail will be rejected.