XOBJEX is a developer of syndicated and networked software and software systems. We favor a functional programing paradigm and write in XSL/T under loosely coupled architectures. The results are practically zero bug incidences and reliable, distributable systems that are resource conservative. As simple as possible but not more so.

XOBJEX, an acronym derived from "eXtensible OBJEcts(X)", is a network-centric, service-oriented programming framework in which data structures (data) are XML and algorithms (behavior) are XSL/T. Behavior is applied to data to consume or alter the state of data without regard to the location of the behavior, data, or application.

XOBJEX core functions are implemented as Apache Modules and written in the C and Perl programming languages. Please see our projects page for descriptions of software and systems available today. All publicly available XOBJEX software and systems are released under the GNU Public License.